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Diagnostic Troubleshooting

We pride ourselves in diagnosing your machine just like the dealership would. There is a test for everything to confirm your issue. We will find out what exactly is wrong, communicate to you your options and repair the machine how ever you wish. We won't just throw parts at a machine at your expense to see if it fixes it. We will try and save you money by replacing only what is necessary first and give you options if there is any for you to weigh out. These are your machines we are just here to help you. 

We have the computers to plug into 


-John Deere




-Case/New Holland 







Track Work

Tracks can look intimidating but we can break it down for you on what you need to get max life out of your tracks.

We can measure your life left and repair is necessary. Tracks are important to keep an eye on because if something is off or worn it will effect the life of your tracks just like tires to a car. Tracks are expensive so let us be yours eyes in the field to make sure your running at 100% efficiency. We can press tracks to perform work on your...

-track chains

-Grouser pads

-Main Idler tensioner or seals

-carrier rollers

-frame rollers 


-final drives

-drive motors  


We offer diagnostic work for hydraulics systems of all kinds. 

We are able to obtain hydraulic schematics if need be to troubleshoot your issue. We have pressure gauges and flow meters to tap into your system and see what and where pressure is to properly diagnose your problem before we start replacing parts. 

We also can reseal your hydraulic cylinders onsite for the most parts but your bigger cylinders will need to come to our shop to be resealed.  

We also offer onsite hose replacement. We will come to your down machine pressure wash affected area to find exactly where your leak is coming from and repair what is necessary to get you back up. Coming soon is onsite hose fabrication for faster up time at cheaper cost.

 We also can flow your machines hydraulics for attachments or efficiency with our 100 GPM flow meter. 

Mobile/Shop work

We offer both mobile and shop service for you at different rates both still cheaper than your local dealership. We have mobile service if you don't wish to have to transport your machine to a shop or if it is not capable to transport. 

Shop labor rate is cheaper and more beneficial to you on your bigger jobs like rebuilds and such on axles, transmissions, engines, Etc.

-Shop labor rate is $165/Hour

-Travel is 4.50 per mile

-Field tech labor rate is $185/Hour

Quotes can be given with the best/worse case scenario . We can offer more accurate quotes with complete tear down performed on most bigger items. We will communicate with you on quotes as well on a case to case basis; these are your machines and you get to decide what to perform on them. 

Fleet Maintenance

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